Who We Are

Welcome to Our Church Family

All churches believe that their church is something special, and they are right. Every church has its own culture, personality and calling. At First Baptist Church, Darlington, what makes us special is that we make a focused effort to present the Christian life as something that is possible for everyone, no matter what your background is.

Here are some things that help define who we are and what we are in process of becoming:
  • Our church believes in entering into a relationship with God by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that your discipleship in following Christ grows the same way.
  • Our church believes in vibrant and enriching worship.
  • Our church believes in small group Bible study that builds community and teaches eternal principles.
  • Our church is a church family. We love, honor, encourage and respect people whatever their age or life situation.
  • Our church loves Darlington as well as the surrounding area. We are deeply engaged in the surrounding community through ministries of caring, meeting needs and spiritual enrichment.
  • Our church has a rich history and tradition, while moving forward to become what God would have us be to include people to know and love Jesus Christ.
  • Our church believes in building relationships that go deeper than “God bless you, brother” acquaintances.
  • Our church encourages people to ask questions and be sincere about their beliefs.
  • Our pastor preaches relevant Bible centered messages that respects your intelligence and challenges your spirit.
  • Our church provides individuals the opportunity to discover their gifts and abilities and to use them.
As you can see, we want you to come, and maybe that’s what makes us so different. We love you when you get here, period. We just have to get to know each other.

So won’t you come and worship with us?

Meet Our Staff

First Baptist Church has a staff who are called by God to be here at this place and in Darlington at such a time as this. Please take a moment to take a small glimpse at who leads and guides this Church Family towards loving God, living community and leaving imprints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about visiting First Baptist Church for the first time? Look through some of the frequently asked questions from those who have been looking for a new church home.

Church Photos

Take a minute to look at some of the photos of our church members from recent events, worship gatherings and mission/service trips.